COMPARISON TEST Lura Lightning Strike Roller Screed and MAKO Screed Support vs. Vibra Strike at an Auto Manufacturing Plant

The challenge was to prove the MAKO Support System with the Lura Lightning Strike Roller Screed provided higher F-Numbers and faster placement that other methods.

The job specs called for FF/FL = 45/35.

The test slab was 8,400sf, slab-on-grade, double rebar mat, 14” thick slab

The results were significant. 5,400 sf was placed and finished in the same time as it took to do the same with the 2,400sf using the Vibra Strike. The MAKO/LURA process was twice as fast on the job and surpassed FF/FL specs.

MAKO/LURA   FF/FL = 84/57
Vibra Strike     FF/FL = 34/25